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For that extra edge, get an All Pro massage!


For that Extra Edge Get, an All Pro Sports Massage!

My name is Dawn Weeks, I have been licensed since January 2002 and have had the privilege to work with mostly professional athletes. I just recently moved to Charlotte, NC but I travel all over to work with my athletes. I am licensed in NC, PA and OH. 


One-Day Sports Massage Seminar (8 Continuing Education hours)
SAM (stretch assisted massage) Hip Opener Routine for Professional Athletes
Dawn Weeks, LMT, ATC, AIS, LMBT (NC#10705)
In this one-day seminar, you will learn an innovative routine that will give you the knowledge to work in professional athletes. Dawn will share her secrets and techniques that took her 10 years to refine. Dawn works with professional football, baseball, soccer and basketball players from all over the country.
Saturday July 16th, 2011 8:30am-5:30pm
cost: $175.00
Sanford-Brown College
17535 Rosbough Blvd Suite100
Middleburg Hts, Ohio 44130

"Excellent sessions with Dawn expanded my knowledge and increased my skill level to better service my clients. Sharing her knowledge and her teachings has left me a much in demand therapist, whose career has skyrocketed due to Dawn's instruction and innovative techniques. Dawn truly cares about her students and her clients and always makes sure that she is giving the best possible instruction and treatment possible." **Judy Mattingly, LMT**
"I admire all the hard work Dawn has put into developing these techniques and her desire to improve the skills of others who work with athletes. She is very willing to give lots of one-on-one attention and answer questions. She is very supportive of the learning process." **Valerie Pawlowski, LMT**
"I have learned more from Dawn Weeks than I did in my years of massage school. I feel I have improved significantly because of her guidance and would never be where I am today as a therapist without Dawn's mentorship." **Louise Valentine, LMT**




Dawn Weeks, LMBT (NC#10705), AIS, ACT, LMT

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